PRLF provides an educational opportunity for prisoners to engage with world events and key political, cultural, and philosophical questions from a unique revolutionary perspective, including discussions of morality, religion, science, and the arts.


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As an organization entirely run by volunteers, your donations of time and money are what keeps PRLF up and running. Your dollars go directly to our mission; our staff are all volunteers. Every newspaper we are able to send is a lifeline for prisoners with nothing else to hold on to.


one prisoner says:

"“Thanks to your donations, I’ve been able to transform myself from a gang member to a revolutionary.”

“The liberating revolutionary ideas that you've introduced me to have changed my life.”

- excerpt from a letter co-written by four ex-prisoners 



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*At this time, donations to PRLF are not tax-deductible. We are working to restore our status as a tax-deductible organization, and appreciate your continued support as we resist censorship.