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“A burning desire to change the system through revolution.”

August 29, 2009

The following letter was sent in response to the statement, “The Revolution We Need, the Leadership We Have,” in Revolution #170

I tried to keep the enclosed letter to the point. Although you’ll find that I’m not the best with words, what I’ve tried to express comes from deep within me. I hope my thoughts and opinions are useful.

Greetings from behind the concrete walls of a capitalist prison, and salutations to all who are contributing to the revolutionary movement.

I only recently received issue #170 of Revolution [“The Revolution We Need, the Leadership We Have”]. And I must’ve read and re-read it countless times. So far, with the numerous highlighter marks, underlines, and enthusiastically scribbled notes I have put on the paper, have made it resemble subway graffiti art.

This issue has had a profound effect on me and on my life-changing decision to no longer be just a reader of Revolution, but to be a part of the revolutionary movement, under the RCP leadership.

The way in which the article was written was extremely insightful into the vast destructiveness of the capitalist-imperialist system. This may not be news to many people. However, the realization is somewhat new to me. And it has struck a chord deep within me, at the same time filling me with a revolutionary fervor for change.

The article, “The Revolution We Need... The Leadership We Have,” said just enough to kick off a firestorm of analysis regarding the causes of the downward spiral society is headed into oppressive oblivion. And there’s necessity of bringing about revolution.

Furthermore, this article was very illuminating as it showed the far-reaching and intertwined effects of the system that is impacting all aspects of society.

What type of government puts a price tag on quality education and health care? Or what type of system allows corporate racketeers and their profit-making schemes to take the forefront over the well-being of the majority in society?

When in the heck did we cease to be humans, and start being consumers of target (market) audiences? Well, we know the answer to these questions. But these are examples of the many disparities existing in society as a result of the system.

And they boil my blood with a burning desire to change the system through revolution.

However, this has led to another set of questions and answers. How, as revolutionaries, are we to awaken the masses from their over-consumptive induced slumber? This is not going to be easy, as many people are content with the daily grind of the status quo and are preoccupied with chasing the illusionary American Dream. And becoming the Next Top Model or the New American Idol.

To awaken the masses I believe we (revolutionaries) must become more visible in not only the hardest or most oppressive parts of society, but in also the other strata of society that are being directly affected by the system too. At the same time becoming more vocal against the vast injustices caused by the system. We must empower the masses and take back our lives from the death grip of the capitalist imperialist system and liberate humanity...

How does the Party plan to utilize technology, internet, peer to peer networks, blogs, etc. during the revolution and throughout the development and progress of the revolutionary movement. In this issue of Revolution (issue #170) a face was put on the leader or representative. At first I didn’t think this was a good decision. However, as I began to analyze this decision, I believe that it was a very wise choice. Taking the human psyche into consideration I think that people need and want a leader who can be seen and be somewhat accessible to them. Although this may not be feasible during the revolutionary process. I believe the leadership should be an emphasis on interacting with the masses and Party members and supporters. Whether through personal appearances or through internet technologies such as webcasts, blogs, and real time conversations in a chatroom type of environment, the interaction between the leadership and the masses, I think would be extremely beneficial to the future of the revolutionary movement and the party. As I would give people a sense of participation who haven’t experienced that through the corrupt capitalist system. At the same time this would form a very strong Party and revolutionary base.

In closing I must say this issue of Revolution (#170) was in my opinion the most inspiring. The article, the photographs were like sharp spears tipped with reality being thrown at me, piercing my dormant human consciousness. It (issue #170) showed and proved that no place on earth is exempt from the oppressive and destructive forces brought on by the capitalist imperialist system. Its tentacles are far reaching, and the importance to emancipate humanity through communist revolution has never been clearer.

In Solidarity,
[Prisoner from California]

"Can you imagine the transformation the prison population can cause on society..."

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