Why Volunteer?


 "While incarcerated, enclosed by gloomy, gray concrete walls, we received literature from the PRLF that was truly a light in the darkness.” Read the entire letter here.

"On behalf of all of us here in Corcoran SHU, Thank you P.R.L.F.” Read more here


a volunteer typist shares:

"I love typing the letters that PRLF gets from prisoners... These letters are grappling with the questions we all grapple with.  Why is the world the way it is and how do we stop it?  How do we bring up the youth and challenge them to take up a whole different outlook than the one they are fed every day?  Doing everything we can to make sure these conversations don’t stop is a must."

Note: People located anywhere can volunteer to type letters. 

PRLF is an all-volunteer organization.

There are many ways you can get involved. 

  • Transcribe scanned handwritten prisoners’ letters to accurate electronic files for PRLF to share with the world;
  • Share prisoners’ letters from PRLF.org with your friends and organizations you’re in, and via social media;
  • Help us challenge censorship by prison authorities – contact us if you’re an attorney, paralegal or law student or have legal skills;
  • If you or your friends are artistic, video-record a reading of a prisoner’s letter for PRLF’s YouTube channel;
  • Donate money. Ask your friends, family and others to donate money and be part of sending revolutionary literature to prisoners;
  • If you’re in the Chicago area and want to help mail Revolution newspaper to prisoners, contact us;
  • If you have specific ideas about how you can help, such as social media experience, outreach and publicity, etc., contact us.

Check us out here and on our Facebook page, and get in touch!

The voices of these revolutionary-minded and other prisoners need to be heard by those in every section of society – by those who live in extremely difficult life circumstances, and are, or are not, caught up in “the life”; by those with very high levels of formal education and conditions of life, and everyone in between. Many of the letters that prisoners send to PRLF demonstrate how they’re transforming the way they see the world and their role in it in radically new ways. A significant number explicitly reject revenge and “an eye for an eye,” and seek the emancipation of all humanity. As one supporter asked, "If prisoners can change, what else can change?"

Interested in volunteering with PRLF?


To learn more about our current volunteer opportunities, please fill out this form:


Our work is a critical resource for prisoners. If you're unable to volunteer your time and effort, but are moved to support prisoners seeing beyond the prison walls, please donate today. Every dollar you contribute is one more chance for a prisoner to connect with the life-changing ideas and analyses in the literature we send them.


“The liberating revolutionary ideas that you've introduced me to have changed my life.” 


Dramatic reading of letter from a former prisoner and current supporter of PRLF:

Letter from a former prisoner, sent to Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund. People located anywhere can volunteer to read letters aloud.