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We provide an educational opportunity for prisoners to engage with world events and key political, cultural, and philosophical questions from a unique revolutionary perspective, including discussions of morality, religion, science, and the arts. 

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"Revolution has really opened my mind..."

August 27, 2016

Staff/Volunteers from PRLF,

I would like to thank you all for all the work that you do. Revolution has really opened my mind and eyes to the reality of this world. I am no longer a beleiver of faith, religion, or a beleiver of fairy tales. To me that’s what all religions push. Now I am a man of facts & science. I don’t beleive that to be a good human being I need to go to “cry church”. If you see a person in need you help. That’s what will change the world in my opinion. I used to be anti-abortion. But thats because I didn’t know any better. Now Im pro because I know a fetus is not a living breathing child. And who am I to tell a woman when to or not to have a child.

I’m still getting my feet wet in this new thinking and don’t know much but I’ll tell you this, I question “everything” now. If it’s not backed up by science or facts I want no part of it. At the moment I’m in a concrete tomb, a prisoner of war. Yes a war on the people of color Brown & Black. I’m in solitary confinement unit also known as the SHU[Security Housing Unit, eds] - Corcoran SHU in California. We are all getting ready to launch are own struggle once again. Brown/Black/ white coming together to fight are real enemies are oppressors C.D.C.r. [California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, eds] state,/ goverment, who condone torture. I am spreading your newspaper to anybody that will listen. Theres is a lot of guys here of revolutionary mind. Some don’t even know it yet.

On behalf of all of us here in Corcoran SHU, Thank you P.R.L.F.

Strength and Solidarity

"Stand with the LGBT comrades more firmly inside these walls and out"

“I watched my best friend beaten to death . . . just for being a black teenager.”