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“I was transferred for standing up for my rights as an American Indian.”

May 16, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

I’m writing to inform you that I’ve transferred to another prison… in which I would like to receive RCP newspaper forwarded over here if you may.

I was transferred for standing up for my rights as an American Indian.  It started as some staff told me, and other skins to stop playing a hand drum due to being too loud, but thing about this is that we’re allowed to play it during our Ceremonies.

I told them What law is this by you in bringing up my Right as an American Indian, and then it turned out all bad in which I was told to step out of our Sweat Lodge area, and placed in handcuffs, then searched afterwards.

Afterwards out of retaliation they searched our Sacred Ground and Disrespected the area, as well searching the rest of the Natives that were there.

So I filed paper work against the person who started the whole problem, then I filed administrative appeal, and then I contacted my Nation in which investigations were involved when this person was removed from the yard.

Then I was called to Committee for Transfer for no reason, when I know I was being retaliated on, so I went along. Then next thing I was transferred to High Security Prison where the violence is high, which I was set up for failure.

Because I don’t qualify for this design, but my will is strong because I’ve been going through this a lot with the system since I’ve been up in the struggle against Oppression.

So I know there’s always a demand for people to rise up, and speak their voice against Oppression…

I like to read the RCP [newspaper] because everybody is fighting against this kind of Oppression all over the World, and the only way to get our voice out is by taking action.  And I know a lot has given their lives to speak against Unjust Systems, which we seek equality and for the people to be self-governed.

But I don’t regret it for who I am as a person, and I’m just doing what my people been enduring from the beginning of Oppression.

Well I’m going to let you go for now and always.  Thank You for your time in the Struggle.

Sincerely, YYY, Apache

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