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"I can feel the sense of pain and suffering..."

July 24, 2011

What more can we Do then praise, Respect and Acknowledge the Brothers of the (Secure Housing Unit) SHU in Pelican Bay. Even while doing time myself in XXX (D.O.C.) many states away. I can feel the sense of pain and suffering. Especially after the fact, that i’ve served in a max Institution on 2 (two) separate occasions. Having been 18, 19, & 20 years then. Not to mention Numerous people my Age, having been in these institutions as well. (I’m now 22 years old). However, my point is, sometimes i’ve even asked myself, How did I ever survive the psychological aspects of these inhuman conditions....Down a Hallway, with no contact with other inmates. But in contact with the chains that are around your ankles, as well as the handcuffs on your wrist... “This Hunger strike” does convince me even more that unity is an essential aspect to life period. Even more essential in Regards to our constitutional Rights as inmates. Most importantly it plays a major role in other inmates lives to.

In my case, it helps me to look at myself even more. As I sit back an ponder my own situation, Questioning what am I doing with my own life? Being 22 years old and back in prison again. Being controlled and Deprieved of all my freedom. Really sometimes I even believe the system is convincing me to even belief myself, i’m supose to be in these particular enviorments. When in actuality i’m to be free and a part of the world and society. An as of now i’m astonished at the movement of this “Hunger strike”. In all respect to you Brothers, I “Thank you” all for bringing this feeling upon my heart. This is the strongest sense of unity I’ve been able to relate to in my generation. An as Hard as this was to fully express, it is True and sincere. Regardless of what i’ve Experienced in my own life, Nothing compares to what you Brothers are doing.

This comes from a young prideful Mexican-American youth rapped in the same Judicial system as you. Which is not easy, when you’ve been subjected and deprieved within a system almost your entire youth. in the Juvenile system, into the Adult system, an still nothing Really changes. The Real Numbers show, and I am a part of that prison youth. Just as any other Black and ”Latino” all across the (U.S.) United States. I am just like you Brothers, a part of all the injustice and cruel punishments. An here you Brothers are willing to sacrifice your own lives for the entire prison population for the entire (U.S.)... 

“I was transferred for standing up for my rights as an American Indian.”

"No Americans had been harmed..."