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“If an old white supremacist can break away from the racial sh*t..."

September 19, 2013

First, I pray that each & every brother & sister there is strong in spirit & well in health! I’ve been privileged enough to read your paper for a while now. I figured that I’d sit & express some of these clustered thoughts to you.

A little about me real fast. I’m being held hostage in a Tx solitary cell due to old affiliations. My life has taken its twisted path thru nearly all avenues. I grew up in a Hispanic neighborhood & ended up in Ad-Seg as a STG (Security Threat Group) member for being part of the Aryan Brotherhood... I’m now an ex-member, proudly, for about 3 1/2 years now! This solitary cell has made me look at many issues. Both internal & external. And, it’s the external ones that have me writing this missive. Not only to you, but for all the brothers & sisters caught in this struggle we call life!

One of the first things I found out about myself is that my “racial hate” was misdirected. It was internal self-hate coming to the surface & being released towards people that had no real issue in my problems. But, also people who are misguided by propaganda, ignorance & this prison race sh*t. Justifying – NO. Only saying that because ignorance & anger feed the cancer that eats hearts within these walls. But, the worst part is that it’s taken to the world where we feed it to our youth! It becomes a common household thing to play the race game. And, I truly believe it’s been so instilled & programmed that we do it almost on a subliminal level. Also, really look at how many so called “Anti-racists” still speak of anger and power.

Now, my current view of this? Race is only one tool that our overseers use to fuel the fire! To keep us fighting ourselves & not the real enemy. The system! Being honest. Are minorities the only folks that are discriminated against? The courts and society fuck many of us! Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, gay, alternative – poor. The last is, in my eyes, where they focus their attack. Unfortunately, so many of our black and Hispanic brothers/sisters are poor. And, under constant attack. But, I see it as more of an assault on poor, than any certain race. I mean, I’m white and poor and got more time than a rich white fool who killed someone! Daddy’s $ got him 10 years probation! Then 8 years TDC upon violation.

We clearly know that “upper society” would love to see us gone. It’s a genocidal attempt to destroy the poor class. Not only the poor but anyone who’s not in alignment with the sh*t system. Any with an alternative life style or perspective. Look around and you’ll see that this sh*t seems to go in a cycle thru-out the media. But, it’s always in a way that makes us look at one another. Then, especially behind these hollow walls, it’s promoted by our overseers. How many people were locked up in ’98 when them 3 white idiots dragged that black man in Jasper, Texas? I’m willing to bet that the unit I was on wasn’t the only one that had the pigs turn both TV’s to the news, to show it. Why would they do this, except to attempt to fuel an already unstable fire! They sought a desired affect and had another tool to use.

When we finally open our eyes to see the truth. To truly clear the ignorance and anger from our hearts—love one another. Then we can become a solid united force to battle those criminals who run this system/country! People still focus so much anger at those caught within the struggle, too. The government, pigs, and system don’t care who they fuck. Yet, too many of us still hesitate to stand next to another race, or alternative life style choosing individual. So, we remain separated. When you see propaganda trying to feed the racial fire. Let it feed it, BUT, let’s aim it back at them! We are all being spit on, sh*t on, degraded, used, beat, killed! Bullets don’t discriminate. But they’re always aimed at the poor! This should speak a lot. You never see a rich boy killed by pigs.

My sisters and brothers, as long as we allow them to keep our hearts confused and angry towards one another—we’ll never win this fight. A pig is a fuckin’ pig—no matter what color he is. Same with politicians, guards, etc., etc. We must overcome the ignorance and fight back in a truly united force...That’s why they try so hard to keep us divided. To keep us wearing blinders. An injustice against a black brother is one against us all! This goes vice versa with all races! I actually plead to all to drop the race sh*t. I’m willing to bleed next to any brother or sister. Just because it didn’t happen to me, this time, don’t mean it won’t next time. We all share the spilt blood and tears.

We must fight in every way available to us! We must learn to think thoroughly and clearly as we step each step! ... Find your strength! Use it! Use it to sharpen the next woman/man! My weakness is your weakness! This is the truth! So, we must find our potentials and utilize them! Educate and guide those in need. And, our youth! If we allow them to be programmed by the government/system-- then we lose! We are the ones responsible and here now! They are our futures and the futures of generations to come. Pass every ounce of strength and knowledge on to them, so that they are prepared.

Well, I’ll close for now. I thank you for your patience with my ramblings. My love to every brother and sister trapped within this struggle! We cry and suffer as one! You kinsmen/women at RCP: If I can help you, let me know. My resources are extremely limited, but, I offer what I can to you. Y’all take care.

Stand tall and forever Stay Strong.

P.S. Yes, unfortunately racism does exist. I’m not making light of this issue. Ignorance is a cancer that eats at society! But, how much less would there be if we refused to acknowledge the media’s attempt to promote it? We could cut it down to one-fourth of its size! A challenge to all who read, or may read this: If an old white supremacist can break away from the racial sh*t. To learn to see a clearer picture of the true enemy of all people! Then can y’all clear your hearts too? Who else is truly willing to stand next to a person of another race, culture, etc., and hold no anger towards him?

We will never fully agree with one another. Hell, people of the same race rarely agree with one another! But as long as we can agree to focus on the real enemy then at least our fight will become a united front! We don’t have to love one another. But, we can have love for those with us. Love is a strong word. But, as we learn to struggle together, we’ll build a bond! One thru struggle is a more solid one! Hopefully, before it’s over we can learn to respect and have trust in our brothers/sisters. This is where our power is as a people.

We can’t walk this path....Protect our women, teach our children, and be men with internal/mental power. Become a threat, learn to think

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