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"Where are my brothers and sisters of the struggle?"

June 25, 2014

For Revolutionary Strugglers Nationwide!”

I open this with great anger, depression, sadness and heartsickness for what our world has and is becoming! Reading the Revolutionary Worker [now Revolution newspaper, eds.] about the horrific things that are taking place has given me the motivation to speak out and become apart of your struggle and make it my struggle as well! I have been incarcerated for 12 years since I was 15 years old, I am now 27 and have been in Administrative Seg for about 7 ½ years and I live in a very dark and lonely world physically trapped in a cell for 23-24 hours a day where only My Mind Remains Free! I can see my life from the height of another dimension so take a moment to glimpse the world through my eyes for there are no words to explain my true feelings and emotions about what I see and read is going on in our world today!

On numerous occasions I have been subjected to and witnessed other inmates subjected to cruel and unusual treatment by the guards namely being starved, retaliated against, having 4 or 5 guards go into a cell with one inmate and beat him up! There is a click of 5 guards here where I am at that run into one inmates cell and beat them up behind a nurse but it’s mostly done to psych patients who are heavily medicated and can’t defend themselves! We are human beings with rights and this must stop but it takes more than just a few to stand up and make a change, we have to unitize and come together as one! I feel the pain of those incarcerated everywhere for I am enduring it to!

Just like in other states the texas prison system is messed up and way over crowded as well as the county jails! Will I forget about all I’ve endured once I obtain my freedom? Hell No! It will forever remain with me and I will make it part of my business to help in the struggle to make a change and get those still incarcerated rights respected!

Now let’s move on to an even more depressing, heartsickening, disgraceful and dishonorable subject, the racial oppression going on today and the horrific event that have already occurred and are still occurring in our modern America! Lets look a Trayvon Martin who was murdered for one  reason his skin color, he was black! It didn’t have anything to do with him wearing a hoodie that was an excuse, when did it become against the law to wear a hoodie and have a pack of skittles and can of tea? Trayvon’s murderer said he looked very suspicious, what because he had on a hoodie and had a can of tea and a pack of skittles, No it was because of his race! The kid was 17 years old and his life was taken away before it could fully begin!

What about Ramarley Graham who was murdered by police officers in his own home in front of his grandma and 6 year old brother! He was gunned down in cold blood and what happened to his Murderer? He was set free for one because he’s white and two because he’s a cop that shouldn’t matter, but sad to say it does, we should all be created equal isn’t that how the saying goes, but where is that at? That proves that actions are stronger than words! Look Kimani Gray another kid who was murdered by cops because of skin color and of course the cops were set free so they can murder more black people!

What about Kendrick Johnson who the police say “accidently” fell into a rolled up gym matt, upsides down and died! Are these people actually dumb enough to think we would buy that! I’m sure everyone has been in a gym and seen rolled up matts, if someone was to fall into a rolled up gym matt, common sense will tell you it’s going to fall and the person will be able to get out. I’ve hid in a rolled up gym matt from the principle so I wouldn’t have to go to detention, it’s not possible! And there’s no way his face would look like he’d been severely beaten from blood rushing to his head, it might disfigure the face but not like that! No, anyone with some sense knows he was dead and then put in that matt. it just going to take someone with a heart to prove it and stand up and say there’s something very wrong here! If it was a white kid, mountains would have been moved to find the truth but a white person is no better than any other color person! This shows how small minded and ignorant some people are!

Stop the Racial Oppression and Imperialism!!

The only way that we can put a stop to these horrific events taking place all around us is to forget about what color the next person may be and where he or she is from and unite as one to create a mass movement! We must take a stand and speak out and be heard everywhere to let it be known that we will no longer tolerate what is being done to individuals everywhere inside or out...No race is better than the other and no one person is better than the next!

For all those who are apart of something and even those who aren’t who say they are for their people, why are we just sitting back letting this done to our people? Where are my brothers and sisters of the struggle and who support the struggle? I’m not saying no one is trying I’m saying we must try harder, we must stand taller and we must speak louder. We must do something about these horrific tragedies taking place around us because me and you or one of our loved ones could be next and that I wish on nobody! Let Us Unite As One And Speak Out And Say No More!! Let US Put As Stop to the Chaos! The only way we can from a Revolutionary Movement is to Unite And Come together as one!

Plenty Much Love to All My Strugglers

"The birth of this nation is nothing to celebrate..."

"My systematic oppression was not mere happenstance..."