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"My systematic oppression was not mere happenstance..."

May 8, 2014

Greetings Comrades! I am responding to the 1000 years–$1000 letter. It has been 12 years for me. I’m pleased that my thoughts are so welcome here! And thanks for the recent reading material...

I believe it is important to get BA into the prisons as well as into the hands of the public. Not only are the prisoners oppressed but the public (or damn near all of it) is just a ½ a heartbeat away from oppression and most are in denial about that fact... BA helped me come to the terms that my “systematic oppression” was not a mere happenstance of “luck.” That there is a system in place, mostly directed against Black and Latino males (among others), which essentially criminalizes Life, and creates a “slave labor force” and that me and other Blacks like me never really escaped slavery. We just had a choice of who “master” would be and a selection of “scraps which fall from the master’s table.” I mean the dynamics of slavery changed, not the slave, not the master.

I no longer have those choices. But I got B.A. which gives me vision. I got Bob Avakian teaching me that I am not what makes this system bad, it’s this system that makes me and everybody else who’s Black, Latino, poor or female a “criminal” for its financial gain. BA is a masterpiece.

Spread it everywhere. I will help, until we overcome.

An Angry Slave, seeking guidance

"Where are my brothers and sisters of the struggle?"

"Turn this concrete cell into a classroom..."