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"Resist all the crimes being commited by the U.S. government..."

May 22, 2013


I just received your letter and the statement (Close Guantanamo Now! Stop the Torture!) you sent me. And I would like to say that it is imperative for people worldwide –but specially in the U.S. to resist all the crimes that are being commited by the U.S. government. It is imperative that people demand not only the closure of Guantanamo, but the release of the prisoners as well.

When I think about the Guantanamo prisoners, I can’t help but think of the case in Ohio that is still unfolding, about the 3 girls that were kidnaped and held captive for over a decade. Think about it...when the girls were kidnaped and held captive, they must have been thinking: “why are these people doing this to me? Where are they taking me? When are they going to release me?”

And likewise with the Guantanamo prisoners, they were “arrested” (kidnaped) by the U.S. government, haven’t been told why they have been “arrested” (kidnaped) or when, if ever they’re going to be released. So if people find that story in Ohio appalling, then they should be appalled by the criminal comportment of the U.S. government. People cannot allow the U.S. government and their commander in chief Obama to take the arrogant stand and say: “we are the good guys, so everything we do is good.” Or “our system is perfect, we don’t make mistakes.”

It is up to the masses of people to stop being passive and to rise up and say: ”we are no longer going to allow you (the U.S. government and the rest of the imperialists) to torture people and keep violating people’s civil liberties!” History has taught us that the oppressors will continue doing what they do, until the oppressed rise up! In other words, the U.S. government and the rest of the imperialists are not going to stop doing what they have always done..(crimes against humanity) they have to be stopped!

In solidarity,

"We share the same torturer..."

"American citizens endure torture daily, yearly, and for decades...."