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I've read...Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!...I’m calling...all prison revolutionaries to step out of the shadows...

June 8, 2018

First of all I would like to thank the volunteers who send out the Revolution newspaper and insightful articles to those of us behind bars. I’ve just read the special edition of Revolution on THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! In The Name of Humanity We Refuse To Accept a Fascist America. A Better World IS Possible, and I believe that humanity has been brutally exploited under the capitalist-imperialist system and it looks like it will continue until we come together collectively to stop the atrocities this dictatorship commits. The US has a long history of using open terror and violence throughout the world in order to impose their heinous agenda. I became politically radicalized in 2016, but after reading THE NEW COMMUNISM by Bob Avakian, I realized that there is an actual movement out there that has real possibilities of emancipating humanity from this corrupt system we currently live under. I’ve heard a member of the RCP call prison the “university of revolutionaries,” but from my personal observation, people are obsessed with making money. The sub-culture here in prison has adopted the corrupt capitalist ideology. Prisoners have abandoned solidarity in order to survive and succumbed to the cutthroat principles of laissez-faire capitalism. The subjective conditions for a real chance at revolution are not yet mature because fear is holding people back. Anyone who represents the importance of values rather than pure profits becomes a threat to the status quo. It is in the prisoncrats best interest that the prisoners remain ignorant, living, as Karl Marx states, a “cattle-like existence” blindly obeying orders. I’m calling out to all prison revolutionaries to step out of the shadows and educate the masses and talk about the injustices that have been committed against humanity around the world. I get that most of us grew up in a society that from childhood fosters in us a subordinate “minority” consciousness and our creativity and free thought has been suppressed to the point where we’d rather conform to our current situation because we think we have no choice. The culture of oppression has been internalized and the masses are submerged in it. Nobody wants to destroy the only world they know because they have no alternative, at least they think they have no other alternative. So, if there is nothing to compare it to, how will they know there is something better or worse?

I’m ready to actively carry out the “3 prepares” to spread the truth because I care for the well-being and growth of those ignorant of their own critical consciousness. I’m ready to organize those around me for revolution and lay the issues out on the table to discuss the problems and also provide real concrete solutions. I support the aggressive measures that would bring about the fall of the ruling powers that have mass incarcerated and repressed us under this system. I’m ready to lead and learn as I lead, so I will need the help of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA to provide me with literature and articles that I can use to teach people about the leadership, the science, and the strategy and program that Bob Avakian has structured for us. Revolutionary action is necessary to bring to fruition the new synthesis of communism. I can see no overwhelming reason not to entertain such aspirations when the wheels have already begun to turn. The insanity must come to an end!



The speech was mind blowing...(Trump-Pence Regime Must Go!)

“HOPE” - Prisoners’ Letters on Stage

“HOPE” - Prisoners’ Letters on Stage