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“Breaking with the Gang Life, Getting with the REAL Revolution” gave me ... hope and some solutions.

CA, November 19, 2017

Dear P.R.L.F.

Revolutionary greetings!  I hope that all is well there. 

All is well with me in here.  It’s been awhile since I’ve written to you.  I’ve been receiving all your info and wish to continue to.  They have me slaving for pennies on their plantation and it leaves me tired and not wanting to do much else.  (Exactly how they want in both in here and out there.)  I’m trying to find a “job” that’s less demanding.  Plus I have a couple of civil cases that I’m doing against these people.  They violate your rights all day every day and expect you to take it.  I can’t and won’t.  This system is corrupt and illegitimate, but you have to fight them on their terms until situations are different.

Recently you sent me an interview with a former prisoner titled, “Breaking with the Gang Life, Getting with the REAL Revolution.”  Wow!  This is one of the best interviews I read, EVER!  All prisoners should read this!  Really.  I identified with so much that was said. What made the interview so raw and real is his struggles and honesty.  You don’t find that level of honesty in many people.  It really hit home for me, because coming into an revolutionary awareness will bring questions, doubts, and struggles.  And seeing how the dude was honest about it and dealt with it is very inspiring.  Many of us know from an early age this system is bullsh*t.  We just deal with it in negative destructive ways.  When you feel like it’s impossible for you to win, then why play “fair?”  Every where you look there is hypocrisy.  It isn’t until you’re in a situation where you can look at things different and say, “Yeah this is f***ed up, but I have to deal with things intelligently.”  The things you do provide us with a framework to do that.  Please continue to publish more things like this.  It’s very much needed.  We need people showing and telling how they are dealing with your movement.  Sometime you feel powerless in here.  But the interview gave me a sense of hope and some solutions.  If people can’t find solutions to their problems, you’ll lose them.  Organizing and connecting are two powerful lessons I learned.  And I learned it’s o.k. to wrestle with our contradictions, because eventually you’ll find answers.

In closing, personal stories/interviews go a long way.  Keep doing it!  You touched more people with this interview than with a lot of other things. Keep up the good work!  Thanx!


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