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The speech was mind blowing...(Trump-Pence Regime Must Go!)

To: Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund (PRLF)

Greetings to all my comrades. I first want to give a shout out to the big homie, BA, for his life long dedication to the struggle. The speech was mind blowing (THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO!) He really gets us. I mean on a real level that most can’t grasp. The best thing that happen to me in years was this speech & Science and Revolution by Ardea Skybreak. She is brilliant and her breakdown of BA is life changing. It makes me want to learn more, to be engaged by a new synthesis with scientific evidence. I have started debates about the root of the problem and a possible solution. I’m on fire right now and this knowledge was the worst thing for a capitalist society, design to hold people down. It’s possible, it’s within reach, and the time is now! Here’s a poem I wrote after reading BA speech.

“Trump Start the revolution”

I see why we got Millions of Americans deaf,
Dumb, blind with no minds
blindly following a
Religion of slave trafficker’s, that got a pope to
and while capitalist gain
the poor get drained
The rich drive Bentleys, and the poor get driven insane
Ever since the invention of race
we been out paced
In a race that got us at the starting line, while the
Rich running to space
so I pray for revolution
For America’s sake
And I ask Donald Trump, when
Was America great?
The only thing that ever been great
Is America’s hate
built off slavery, war, murder, and rape.
This why a revolution is must needed
it won’t be televised,
Live streamed, or tweeted
(All power to the people)
We will not be defeated. im supose to see y'all
When my vision fail
im supose to feel y'all when I don’t
Feel to well
im supose to hear y'all from my prison
Tell the world the new synthesis of communism
And BA got the only solution
the time is now
Trump start the revolution, the time is now trump
Start the revolution.

Revolutionary Love,
XXXX (Prisoner in Midwest)

“This talk [by BA] needs to get out far and wide”

I've read...Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!...I’m calling...all prison revolutionaries to step out of the shadows...