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What happened to Laquan McDonald is a working feature of this system...



“16 Shots and a Cover up!”, “Shut It Down!” and “Indict, Convict, Send that Killer Cop to Jail, the Whole Damn System is Guilty as Hell!” were among some of the powerful slogans being shouted by people who righteously rose up and took to the streets, demanding justice for Laquan McDonald once the dashcam video of him being brutally murdered by Jason Van Dyke was finally forced into the public for the world to see back in 2015. People should go to revcom.us and check out the article “Question: What Do You Do With a System that Gives No Future to Millions of Black and Latino Youth; Whose Police Brutalize, Lock Them Up, and Even Kill Them in Cold Blood, and Then Covers It Up? Answer: Overthrow It” for an in depth look into how the whole machinery of the city administration went into overdrive to conceal truth from ever seeing the light of day.

Fast forward to today …: Rahm Emanuel is still mayor of Chicago, Gary McCarthy (top pig during the murder of Laquan McDonald) is, or was running for mayor, 3 officers who were charged with covering up the murder of Laquan McDonald were found “Not Guilty”, and the pig who actually murdered Laquan McDonald was just handed down a light sentence of only 81 months, cut in half!

As soon as the judge began to speak about how difficult his job is, rendering his interpretations of existing law and legislative intent, and saying “this was a tragedy for both families involved” - it was as if the judge was apologizing to Van Dyke and his family for having to be put through this, while never once recognizing the humanity of Laquan McDonald - I knew right then that this system was about to murder Laquan McDonald twice and is sending a clear message to Black and Brown people, especially youth, across the country that ongoing crimes of covering up and justifying the wanton police killing of us will continue as Business-As-Usual!

Words can’t even describe how heavy the air is in here right now. Many of us strongly disagree with the dangerous illusion of seeing Van Dyke being sent to prison for a brief period of time as some kind of “partial victory”. What happened to Laquan McDonald is a working feature of this system and is part of “fully confronting the actual history of this country and its role in the world up to today, and the terrible consequences of this”. (See “3 Things that have to happen in order for there to be real and lasting change for the better.”)

All of this speaks to the reality of why this system cannot be reformed, it must be overthrown… BAsics 3:1 “Let’s get down to basics: We need a revolution. Anything else, in the final analysis, is bull****!!”

Revolution - Nothing Less!

“...[S]ociety teaches us WHAT to think rather than HOW to think and its strategically designed to form an Amerikan chauvinism mindset.”

BA makes clear - it does not have to be this way