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“...[S]ociety teaches us WHAT to think rather than HOW to think and its strategically designed to form an Amerikan chauvinism mindset.”

Sept. 2018

In Response To Aug 13th PRLF

Comments/analysis on

What are we facing?

         One can easily respond to that Question by saying that we are facing a fascist regime with an oppressive agenda and it would very well suffice as the right response in regards to fuhrer trumps Presidency. But what Bob Avakian did was go in depth with a detailed, accurate and objective analysis into precisely what it is we are facing based on Historical Dialectical Materialism and why its essential that the fascist regime must go.

         From the assault on civil rights and climate change, bigotry, misogyny, racism, xenophobia etc all being promulgated and carried out under the guise of “Make America Great Again” and/or “America First”.  These aren’t some newly discovered social issues.  We have been facing them Long before trump took office, all he has done is stir it up and escalated them.  What I appreciated most about B.A.’s speech was how he used historical facts to put in perspective what we are faced with today.  I encourage anyone to read the May 2018 #526-541 Revolution Newsletter or better yet answer the call put fourth by the Refuse Fascism Organization and attend the Mass mobilization on November 4th.  For the Comrades behind enemy Lines, Political prisoners and Prisoners of War. If my words could reach them I’d urge them to continue studying Revolutionary Movements, Leaders and Ideology and prepare to join the fight against capitalist-imperialism.

Free Yourself from the Great Tautological Fallacy.

         Assata Shakur once said that; “Everything is a Lie in America… The thing that keeps it going is that so many people believe in the Lie”.   We are very much indoctrinated from childhood to believe that Amerika is the best nation in the world.  The city which sits upon a hill, a shining Light and a beacon of hope therefore anything Amerika does must be for the greater good of humanity. Who are we to question such a country when it has an extensive track record of illustrating “human rights” throughout history?  From the extermination of indigenous tribes and stealing their land, enslavement of Afrikans, rape of Afrikan women by their overseers and slave masters, the KKK terror, the Jim Crow Segregation, gratuitous police brutality and murders of unarmed innocent Black People, Mass incarceration of minorities, the hypocrisy and assault on women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, Prisoners rights and the millions of innocent civilians murdered in the Wars waged by Amerika etc. The track record is far too extensive to chronologically include on this analysis.

         My point being, we are taught from a young age to normalize, excuse, ignore and/or accept the attrocities carried out by Amerika and assume that it must have been done for the greater good and with good intentions.  This great tautological fallacy which B.A. described isn’t developed overnight.  It begins from birth and hammered into our brains by the school system.

         Steve Biko famously said that: “The most potent weapon the oppressor can have is the mind of the oppressed”.  The reason why this Quote is irrefutably accurate is because scientifically speaking the mind controls the body, therefore if the mind has been wrongfully indoctrinated to think a certain way its going to manifest through a persons actions.  So if you have been indoctrinated to think a certain way, inevitably you will form certain beliefs as a child, which chances are astronomical that you will carry those thoughts and beliefs into adulthood especially when so many other people share those same thoughts and beliefs.

         To fathom my assertion its critical to understand that society teaches us WHAT to think rather than HOW to think and its strategically designed to form an Amerikan chauvinism mindset.  This is why it’s imperative to free oneself from The Great Tautological Fallacy, and it can only be achieved by constant studies and determination to unlearn deeply rooted ideas, thoughts and beliefs which highlights the significance of Revolution Newsletter, revcom.us, PRLF, Revolution/revcom.us, Main Line Newsletter (New Afrikan Black Panther Party-Prison Chapter), Industrial Workers of the World Newsletter, Socialist Viewpoint, etc.

The Christian Fascists Now in Power

         Though the constitution Long established the separation of church and state, we all know that Christianity is the “unofficial state religion in this country.”  I’m not an Iconoclast, I fathom how important religion is to many people even Karl Marx viewed religion as the expression of a certain kind of human need, a need that was most strongly felt by the oppressed but I am a realist therefore I don’t sugarcoat the truth.  Christianity has always been invariably associated with oppression.  For example the Puritans appealed to the Bible Psalm 2:8 and Roman 13:2 to justify exterminating the indigenous tribes and taking their land, onto slavery, oppression of women’s rights, LGBTQ Community, Racism etc. The correlation between Christianity and oppression is irrefutable but it’s not only limited to human beings oppressing other human beings, it also creates a belief that makes for passivity in the face of global warming which potentially helps explain why trump thinks “global warming is a hoax”.

         During the presidential election campaign I found it to be hillarious how these bourgeois evangelists supported trump and spoke on how “good a Christian”  he is despite all evidence illustrating the contrary; numerous sexual harrasments against him, blatant racism, infidelity, etc even heard on tape proudly saying how he likes grabbing women on their private parts.  Why would evangelists support such a person seems like the appropriate question to ask.  This unholy alliance

between trump and the fundamentalist Christians simply boils down to the fact that they viewed trump as someone who would support and promote their interest in their Quest to outlaw abortion, suppress LGBTQ rights and abolish gay marriage these are things they see as Immoral and evil therefore they were willing to turn a blind eye to trumps “sinful nature” since he showed great potential to restore “Christian values” in Babylon whereas trump saw them as much needed endorsement which could translate to more votes.

Why is it the Democrats can only try to resolve this on the terms of the system?

         Obama passed the torch to trump, wished him well and reminded us all of the great importance of supporting trump despite whether one is a Democrat or Republican since we are after all on the “same team”. Despite their personal and political differences both Obama and trump, as are their predecessors, serve to the interest of the capitalist-Imperialism system.  Had obama empowered people to rebel and stand-up against a trumps presidency it would’ve been considered a treason.  Even these so-called “Democrat-socialist” must also get in line and serve to the interest of capitalist-imperialism.

         My fellow comrade and the Minister of Defense of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party-Prison Chapter Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson sums up my point:  “Its not as though Democrats and Republicans are substantially different.  They merely represent the two faces of fascism, one with a smile (Democrats) the other a sneer (Republican), the liberal and conservative.  As Malcolm X described them:  “The fox and the wolf.”

The Direct Line from the Confederacy to the Fascist of Today.

         The direct correlation between the confederacy and the fascists of today is their shared beliefs of white supremacy ideology, patterns of homophobia, bigotry, misogyny, racism, xenophobia, etc.  These are the fundamental commonalities they share. In fact todays fascism emulates the confederacy as expressed by B.A.  Again I encourage the readers to read Revolution, May 2018 #526-541.

What must we do?

         A better world is possible.  But it comes at great cost.  This current system cannot be reformed nor will it ever serve to the interest of the people. it must be completely uprooted and replaced by a system designed to Serve the People but this can only be obtained through the extremes of struggle.  The capitalist-bourgeois will not surrender what they see as their privilege & wealth without resistance.  Revolution is what’s called for and necessary in order to eradicate the system of capitalism and bring into existence Communism for the people by the people.

         Dare to Struggle,

         Dare to Win!

All Power to the People!


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